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Chamber Connection

Our History

Chamber Connection is a fun and informal networking group open to all members of the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber Connection was started in December 1990. Twenty-two people attended the first meeting, which was held in the basement of the Chamber of Commerce building. Since that time we have grown steadily and now it’s common to have 150 (or more!) attendees gather on Friday mornings for a meeting.

Gavel Change 2021 –  Thank You Jason! “Purple Pain” video (The roast of Jason)

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The Schedule

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Only members of the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce may be hosts and co-hosts for the Chamber Connection. For a small fee, hosts are given 17 minutes to talk about their companies or organizations and take questions. (In the event that two companies choose to co-host, the 17 minutes must be divided between them.) Hosts are responsible for providing a continental breakfast and LOTS of coffee, plus a few other responsibilities. If you are interested in this opportunity, ask a member of the Location Committee.