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Top Hat Ambassadors

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The Top Hat Ambassador committee serves as the retention arm of the Chamber.  Top Hat Ambassadors participate in photos with new members and members who have expanded or relocated.  Top Hat Ambassadors also participate as good-will ambassadors at Chamber events and assist with membership sales.

Who are the Top Hat Ambassadors?

Members of the Top Hat Ambassadors have served as the chair of another St. Cloud Area Chamber committee. They are experienced Chamber advocates and a helpful resource for all members who want to learn more or be more engaged with the Chamber.

The Top Hat Ambassadors have been a part of the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce nearly since inception. Originally a traditional part of formal attire, the top hat soon came to signify business progress, growth, and success in the St. Cloud area. 

Top Hat Duties

Members of the Top Hat Ambassadors serve as the face of our Chamber in the community. Their duties include:

How you can engage with the Top Hat Ambassadors

For more information on any of these opportunities, contact Laura Wagner.

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