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Mystery Night Out

What a fun way to get a night out with your significant other or coworker or friend and have a unique experience.
We have designed these events to be something you cannot just go do on your own.
Our target audience is the up and coming young professionals. (40 and under)

Think of this as a mystery night out in a "pop up" feel event.

6:30-8:00 p.m. $59 for a 2 person ticket
$70 for the public for a 2 person ticket


We will do these 6 times!


Click on the arrow below to hear Sam Ross share about Mystery Night Out

July 19  SOLD OUT

"Roll with us into the first great event,
Please rest assured, it will be time well-spent.
Crane your neck to see what will unfold,
Sip, learn and play – so much fun to behold."

September 13  sold out

"Swish, swish, stomp, stomp, tweet, tweet. Are sounds you will hear as we go around for the second Mystery Night Out."

November 29 SOLD OUT
"Grateful, Thankful, Blessed"

  • 2019

January 24 SOLD OUT
Wine and cheese sampling, art underground at the Paramount, make and take your own mug, take homw a beautiful plant and bag from our sponsors.

March 14 SOLD OUT
"Beauty is in the eye of the BEER holder"
An inside look at cosmetic surgery and treatments at Omini
Cosmetic .  We even had Botax models from our group and beer sampling from Beaver Island and treats paired with them from Party bites by Mona.

June 6

The finally!

 6:30-8:00 p.m. $59 for a 2 person ticket
$70 for the public for a 2 person ticket


The date, the time will always be 6:30-8:00 p.m. and the cost of a 2 person ticket.  There will be light food fare provided and if the premises allow, a cash bar.

If you have food allergies please call Sheri  320-656-3831 before you register.


The location address and any special instructions for your event/adventure.


Ready for the FUN?

Click on the button to register


WHat did you miss?


July 19- SOLD OUT

We met at Fuji Steak House for a sushi rolling demonstation. samples 6 different sushis, heard stories about Japanese culture, tried a flight of 4 sakis, enjoyed green tea ice cream.  Ask someone that was there about turtles and fisherman, great story!

See the photo gallery HERE 

September 13- SOLD OUT

We met at Waite Park city park for school ground games: red rover, relay on the playground set, kickball, followed up with reverse tag with color bombs.  We concluded with networking, amazing pizza, beer and soda.

See the photo gallery HERE  (active shortly)

November 29- SOLD OUT

We met at The Sanctuary at St. Cloud for fun with the residents playing either cultural bingo or black jack.  We then enjoyed a 5 star dinner, great cultural trivia, chocolate, Champaign
and the feeling of being Blessed
  • 2019

January 24 SOLD OUT

See the photo gallery HERE  (active shortly)

March 14 SOLD OUT

June 9

Sponsor a

Mystery Night Out

We have sponsorship opportunities for each event.
Get your name and message out to a captive audience of young professionals.
Your name and logo will appear on this webpage, registration page, facebook event, and at the event.
You will also receive a 2 person ticket to attend the event.

As each event is a secrete we will not be announcing these sponsorship opportunities.  If you might be interested please contact Sheri at the office 656-3831 and we can determine with event would best fit your company image and message.
Most sponsorships opportunities are between $500-$1000

This event is organized by an Action Team  of the B.I.G. committee
Josh Vraa- chair
Sam Ross- vice chair

Back row left ot right: Sam Ross, Jason Miller

Front row left to right:Josh Vraa,Jenna Traut, Stephanie Court, Sara Draxler-Gainsforth, Arron Zimmer

not in photo:Bridget Pauna



‚ÄčEvent Sponsors

St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce
St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 487
St. Cloud, MN 56302-0487