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Chamber connection

Chamber Connection is a fun and informal networking group open to all members of the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber Connection was started in December 1990. Twenty-two people attended the first meeting, which was held in the basement of the Chamber of Commerce building. Since that time we have grown steadily and now it’s common to have 150 (or more!) attendees gather on Friday mornings for a meeting.

Gavel Change 2021 -  Thank You Jason!
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  • Meetings begin at 7:30 a.m. and end at 9:00 a.m. We make every effort to keep the meetings on time. The doors open and refreshments are available at 7 a.m. to provide you with an opportunity to network with members and guests. Locations vary so be sure to check the Chamber’s website StCloudAreaChamber.com for the most current information.
  • At 7:30 a.m. our chairperson calls the meeting to order. Each week everyone is invited to do an introduction, state their business name, and give a tag line about their business. The tag line is a great opportunity to tell everybody what you do and help them remember you. Introductions are followed by a short presentation by the host, then announcements and testimonials. 
  • If you want the chance to  make an announcement or testimonial you need to drop a business card in the designated basket. Announcements and testimonials should be no longer than 30 seconds and can include thank yous and special promotions. We have limited time at each meeting, but we do our best to get in as many as possible. If your name is drawn one week, please wait a month before trying again.
  • //ALL Chamber members are welcome to attend Chamber Connection. Admission is a buck and a /business card at every meeting. On your first visit we ask you for an additional business card as a model for a temporary name badge. Your temporary name badge will be ready within one to two weeks. Look for your temporary badge at the Greeters’ Table. Your temporary badge is punched each time you visit. After 10 visits you are eligible for a permanent name badge.  As a permanent name badge holder your name will be included in an informational list which is printed and put on the teal table every six months.  
  • The Chamber Connection is a program of the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce. To become a permanent member of the Chamber Connection, your company must be a member of the Chamber of Commerce. If your company is not currently a member, you may attend three Chamber Connection meetings before joining the Chamber. Membership information is available by contacting the Chamber office at (320) 656-3834 or information@StCloudAreaChamber.com.
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  • Chamber Connection meetings are held at a different location every Friday morning. Chamber Connection schedules are distributed at each meeting and list locations at least four weeks in advance. However, locations are subject to unexpected changes so if you haven’t been to a meeting for a few weeks, be sure to confirm the location by calling the Chamber of Commerce hotline at 320-656-3825 or online at StCloudAreaChamber.com. The next meeting is always listed on the Chamber’s home page.
  • You may attend Chamber Connection meetings as frequently as you want. Experienced members find that they receive the greatest benefit if they attend regularly, but if your schedule only allows you to come occasionally, that’s just fine
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  • Only members of the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce may be hosts and co-hosts for the Chamber Connection. For a small fee hosts are given 17 minutes to talk about their companies or organizations and take questions. (In the event that two companies choose to co-host, the 17 minutes must be divided between them.) Hosts are responsible for providing a continental breakfast and LOTS of coffee, plus a few other responsibilities. If you are interested in this opportunity, ask a member of the Location Committee.
  • If you have specific questions not answered here, there are many people who would be happy to help you. The volunteers who are working at the Greeters Table, members of the Location Committee (the team that organizes the Chamber Connection meetings) and a Chamber staff person are available throughout every meeting. You may also contact the volunteer leadership of the Chamber Connection: chairperson, Rachel Templin, Tri-County Abstract & Title Guaranty, phone - (320) 253-2096 email Rachel at rtemplin@firstam.com, vice-chairperson, Mike Brower, Ehlinger & Associates, Inc./American Family Insurance, phone - (320) 251-9141 email Mike at mbrower@amfam.com or call the Chamber office, Gail Ivers, (320) 656-3809 or Vicki Lenneman, (320) 656-3822.
  • Interested in becoming a greeter or joining the "Fun" Location Committee?  Fill out a Greeter application or a Location Committee application and submit it to a Location Committee member.