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star celebration committee

                                                    Chase Larson           Kristin Hannon                               
                                                            Chair                      Vice Chair          
                                                 Falcon National Bank
            Minnwest Bank
Back row left to right:
Jeff Pyzybilla, Paula Capes, 
Ashley Green, Sheri Moran, Rachel Templin,
Rose Clement
                                                                     Front row left to right: Bernie Perryman, 
                           Kristin Hannon, Chase Larson                                         

What is the purpose of the Star Celebration Committee?
Committee is to plan, organize and run the Star Celebration event. This is accomplished in conjunction to raising money with the help of our great Chamber businesses. The Star Celebration honors and recognizes the outstanding volunteer leaders of the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce, and it serves as the Chamber’s annual meeting. 

Who are the volunteers that help plan the Star Celebration event?
The volunteers are various representatives from our Chamber Businesses, who take the initiative to get involved to help make this event great, for our local volunteer leaders.

What do participants say they enjoy most about the Star Celebration Committee?
Most often committee members will say that they enjoy the fun atmosphere and the big reward or sense of accomplishment the night of the event, when various chamber members are being honored.

When are your meetings and how can someone get involved?
The Star Celebration meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month from 7:30am – 830am at the Chamber office. The committee normally starts meeting in January and will meet until the event is held in October. If you want to get involved you can contact the Chair, Chase Larson or the Chamber staff, for more information.