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business development council (BDC)

                                              Tanja Goering               Chad Staul                               
                                                     Chair                       Vice Chair          
                                                           Pro Staff
                  Quinlivan & Hughes, P.A.

What is the purpose of the Business Development Council?
The Business Development Council provides educational training and networking opportunities to the Chamber’s members in order to enhance their professional development, growth and success. 

Who are the volunteers that help plan the meetings?
Dawn Scott-Yackley, Mary Swingle, Tanja Goering, Amanda Henry, Ashley Green, Matt Lunser, Chad Staul, Kris Nelson, Paula Capes, Erica Thompson, Melissa Sonsalla

What do participants say they enjoy most about Business Development Council?
We have a fantastic group that is committed and accomplish a lot when we meet. Plus, we are just a lot of fun!

When are your meetings and how can someone get involved?The path to becoming a Top Hat Meetings are held at the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce every 4th Wednesday of the month. They are from 8 – 9:15 a.m. To get involved, contact the chair, vice chair, or Chamber staff:

Tanja Goering, tanja.goering@prostaff.com

Chad Staul, cstaul@quinlivan.com

Kelti Lorence, klorence@StCloudAreaChamber.com