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President of the Chamber and Convention Bureau since 1998

Focuses on: Working with the Board of Directors to achieve the overall goals of our Chamber; managing the government affairs program; leading and managing the our staff.

In my free time I enjoy: health, wellness and fitness activities – especially biking, hiking and boot camp!

Fun Fact: I sold the granite pavers seen on the driveways of the Hilton, Tropicanna and Excalibur Hotels in Las Vegas, along with the Cold Spring Green Excalibur sign near its entrance.

What the staff says: "Teresa has a very positive attitude. She is our best cheerleader and always has a way to work around problems, big or small."

"Teresa believes in building relationships – with our staff, our members, and the community – in order to get things done. It’s never about who gets the credit; it’s about the accomplishments."



   I love the variety, pace and intensity of my job. Chamber volunteers, members and staff are some of the most interesting, talented and fun people in central Minnesota.



Director of Administration

Director of Administration for the Chamber since 1995

Focuses on: Finance, human resources, and IT

In my free time I enjoy: Bruce Springsteen music and running.

Fun Fact: The house in which I grew up was previously the office for the Barr pickle factory, which had a connection to Gig Young’s (Byron Barr’s) family.

What the staff says: "Judy is calm and patient in supporting me in my position."

"Judy is one of the most ethical people I have ever known and is always willing to listen to both sides of an issue. I count on her to point me in the right direction."


   I provide information about our programs that helps us make programming decisions. At some point, accounting is accounting, but at the Chamber my work is a little part of activities that have a positive energy."



Vice President

Vice President of the Chamber since 1988

Focuses on: Membership programs; the Waite Park and Sauk Rapids Chambers; editing Business Central magazine.

In my free time I enjoy: gardening, both flowers and vegetables, but mostly flowers; reading; travel; and embroidery. Did I mention gardening?

Fun Fact: I have been trying to attract Purple Martins to my yard for 18 years. In the spring of 2015 they finally accepted my invitation and we fledged nine out of nine babies!

What the staff says: "Gail takes the best vacations to the best places. I admire her adventurous side."

"Gail always helps me and centers me when I get crazy ideas or am unsure about what to do. I know I can always count on her."


   I like trying new ideas. Most of them flop, but every once in awhile we hit one out of the park. I am always grateful for the generosity of our members who give me the privilege of sharing their business stories with our community."



Communications & Workforce Dev. Coordinator

Communications & Workforce Development Coordinator for the Chamber since January 2018

Focuses on: News writing, "Unite for Success" Internship Program, coordinating development programs

In my free time I enjoy:  Photography, running, exploring new towns, hiking, yoga, and trying to pet my cat, Chinook.

Fun Fact: I was born and raised in the small town of Glennallen, Alaska. Since graduating from high school, I have returned every summer to work at Wrangell St. Elias National Park. 2018 will be my first full year in Minnesota!

What the staff says: 


   I love learning about a community from the people who live and carry on traditions there.  Every day I look forward to meeting someone new and sharing our unique perspectives. There's never a dull moment!"



Administrative Ass't/Network Administrator

Administrative Assistant/Network Administrator for the Chamber since 2002

Focuses on: Website maintenance, special event registration, and program support.

In my free time I enjoy: I enjoy reading, counted cross stitch, baking, writing poetry, playing games with my kids, playing cards.

Fun Fact: When I was about 19 I entered a poetry contest in Reader’s Digest and won 2nd place.

What the staff says: "Vicki has a wealth of knowledge and helps me understand my job better."

"I appreciate Vicki’s knowledge and helpfulness when I have website and computer questions."


   I enjoy working on the website, learning new things, and I love when I can come up with a way to make a job or function work better so I can work smarter and more efficiently, not harder."



Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant since 2015

Focuses on: Customer and information services.

In my free time I enjoy: going for walks, crafts, volunteering, and any activities surrounding my four boys.

Fun Fact: My official name is Michelle. I have gone by the name Shelly since kindergarten when my teacher asked my parents if it was okay because there were three Michelles in my class.

What the staff says: "Shelly loves helping people and the joy it brings her seems to come out of her pores!"

"Shelly is personable, friendly and helpful to visitors and staff and a wonderful asset to the Chamber."


   It is a privilege to work for an organization that works hard to support businesses and their employees."