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Executive Director

Executive Director; at the CVB since 1996

Focuses on: Marketing, public relations, and media relations.

In my free time I enjoy: cooking – it’s hard to get me out of the kitchen.

Fun Fact: I have a recreational pilot’s license.

What the staff says: "Julie has a great perspective to offer based on her genuine personality and years of experience in the business.”

“Julie is loyal, fair, super fun, extremely nice, does not control you and always recognizes your efforts."


   Everyday day is different, rewarding ... and fun! We meet wonderful people and provide them with the resources to make memories that we hope will last a lifetime."



Sports & Special Events Manager

Director of Sports/Special Events; at the CVB since 2014

Focuses on: Sport sales, marketing and public relations.

In my free time I enjoy: volleyball, sand volleyball, going to movies, hanging out with the family.

Fun Fact: I have a Jack Russell name Charlie who I consider to be my child.

What the staff says: "Dana brings a down-to-earth confidence to the office that is a key factor to keeping our team grounded and moving forward."

"Dana exemplifies how honesty, hard work and being supportive can open doors."


   I get to work with a great staff and I love getting to meet new people and being able to create relationships with them."



Convention & Meetings Sales Manager

Sales Manager; at the CVB since 2004

Focuses on: Working with meeting planners, particularly those in the social, military, education, religion, and fraternal clubs, as well as the corporate and agriculture markets.

In my free time I enjoy: board games, playing Mario Kart & Mario Party 8 on the Wii and spending time with my dad.

Fun Fact: In 2001 I received the Miss Congeniality Award after being talked into participating in the annual Water Carnival Pageant in my hometown of Hutchinson.

What the staff says: "Nikki greeted me at my first interview with a hug, and her warmth and compassion has only continued to grow every day since."

"Nikki will find the humor in any situation. I love that about her!”


   The biggest reward, and the part I love most about my job, is assisting planners in making their events come to fruition. It’s exciting when clients realize everything St. Cloud offers, then book for future years!"



Administrative Assistant/Information Specialist

Administrative Assistant & Information Specialist; at the CVB since May 29, 2018

Focuses on: Customer service, visitor guides/information requests, group tour planning.

In my free time I enjoy:  Swing Dancing, Theater, Singing, Hiking, Crocheting, Gardening, Visiting local Farmer's Markets, Camping, Spending time with friends & family, Reading, Leading worship at church, Canning, Baking, and hugs..

Fun Fact: I have been an "Original Cast Member" for a one act show and received both 13th and 5th place at State for Speech in high school.  Additionally, my Strawberry-Peach Pie is a fan-favorite.

What the staff says: "Anyone who meets Jen can agree, they don't come any sweeter!"

"Jen fills our office with positive energy and a light-hearted spirit"

"Jen is a hard worker and strives to deliver the best possible customer experience to every visitor."



The best part of working at the CVB is not only to inform/promote fantastic opportunities within the Greater St. Cloud area, but to collaborate with an group of individuals who truly value the ethics of teamwork. “We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other." 



Sales Manager

Sales Manager; at the CVB since 2015

Focuses on: working with meeting and convention planners for associations and other regional, Midwest, and national organizations.

In my free time I enjoy: fishing, playing with my dog, cooking, and football!

Fun Fact: My favorite food is pickles!!

What the staff says: "Rachel brings a great can-do attitude to her role"

"Rachel is fun, friendly, and understands how to provide great service to our customers."


   My favorite part of my job is the environment in which I work. There are always events going on and a new topic of interest to discuss. It is rewarding to see the St. Cloud community thrive and I like being part of that."



Social Media & Marketing Specialist

Social Media & Marketing Specialist; at the CVB since 2016

Focuses on: Managing social media spaces for Visit Greater St. Cloud, planning and executing the annual marketing plan, working with community partners to promote the Greater St. Cloud area

In my free time I enjoy: Outdoor activities, reading, traveling, and spending time with friends and family

Fun Fact: My first job was at a pizza place in Avon, MN answering phones

What the staff says: "Emily is simply #Awe-Inspiring & #Witty"

"Emily is very clever and creative. She has so much talent and I feel so happy to work along side of her!"


   Not only is the St. Cloud area an amazing place to promote and share with the world, but doing so alongside my smart, experienced co-workers makes my job pretty easy."



Sales & Service Coordinator

Sales & Service Coordinator; at the CVB since June 4, 2018

Focuses on:  .Supporting the sales team, building event connections, and providing materials and services to hosts and planners.

In my free time I enjoy:   planning day adventures for my family, traveling and reading

Fun Fact:  I once shared a hotel room with a scorpion.

What the staff says: "Master of details, Erin is your go to for projects of every size!"

"Calm and collected while wildly fun - Erin is a great balance in our office."

"Erin approaches every project with a can-do attitude and isn't afraid to tackle new things."


Being a part of an incredible team whose primary goal is to help others succeed is the most rewarding aspect of my position.”